The Triune created the beautiful lands of Mithir and all that is within them. The Triune's desire to create life was fulfilled on the day he brought people into the world. Naturally, he provided to them blessings beyond measure and they longed for nothing. The most prosperous life possible was the common standard and no man suffered for the Triune watched over them and kept them close. It was the most fulfilled existence one could imagine.

However, deep within the hearts of men, they desire evil and power above all else and the darkness inside of them would soon make itself known....

The young man Dragnorox was the essence of all things wrong within the souls of the people. Caught up only in his lusts for abilities beyond the natural, he spent his days languishing to uncover the darkness and the unknown. He soon discovered mysterious powers through the exploration of his soul and the evil brewing within his own heart. Through his research, he gave himself up to the dark in exchange for unnatural abilities. His body, twisted and warped by these pursuits was the cost for these newfound powers. Over many decades he toiled to master the art of what was now called magic and the price extracted was far more than most could ever bear.

Being now the essence of evil, Dragnorox plotted to spread his disease to the world and enslave all. Cloaked in the mask of prosperity and flourishing, magic was introduced to the people. A wonderful and delightful set of new powers that gave the people the ability to do things they'd never done before like heal the sick or bring forth bounties of food whenever they wished. The Triune, grieved by their lack of understanding and his knowledge of their true inner beings, fiercely fought against the use of magic and pleaded with his creations to cease from partaking in such practices. He knew the price of such things and that his people clearly did not.

But again, the hearts of men rule their actions.

Many years passed by and magic had slowly taken its toll. It's true nature revealed itself only ever so slightly at first, but with time it had produced a great erosion within the people both on the inside and the outside. Before magic, what would have been thought of as ghastly horror was now commonplace and accepted. Magic had warped both body and mind as people had their physical bodies were twisted and even further warped offspring were created naturally and unnaturally through magic. The thoughts and actions of the people were now focused on death, destruction, greed, and power while some of them were physically turned into beasts and nightmarish creatures roaming the land seeking to further their powers.

The people had forgotten the Triune and the blessings of old......But he did not forget them.

The Triune seeking desperately to heal the land of magic kept small bands of followers to rid the world of the evil that besieges it. This group of followers grows every day and is preparing for the great war. Join the fight against evil, send the darkness to its eternal tomb and join the War against Dragnorox!