Eternal Tombs is a unique and fast-paced Action Combat MMORPG.

Magical items including gear, potions, components and more can be used and encompass a full magic system. However, summoning magic from within yourself is evil and cannot be done. That being said, each class has many abilities learned over time and uses the natural world around them to perform their standard abilities.

  • Chloromancer - Keepers of Nature, they use trees, plants, fungus and natural components to summon abilities and attack enemies. Whether it's poisonous spores harvested from mushrooms or bringing forth a regrowth tree that heals, Chloromancers use the forest to attack enemies and fortify their allies.
  • Warlord - Masters of War, the Warlord uses training and components to unleash heavy attacks, charges, shield abilities to unleash havoc upon those who seek to destroy them.
  • Manipulator - Mystery and confusion envelop the Manipulator. Mesmerizing creatures, sneaking and attacking enemies in the shadow, lifetapping, traps and theft are the ways of those who fall into the snare of the Manipulator.
  • Bonestitcher - Morticians at heart, Bonestitchers harvest body parts, blood and fluids from enemies to heal their friends, rot away the flesh of their enemies in disease and gut them alive.
  • Ranger - Speed, agility and skills with the bow are the trademarks of the Ranger. They can track special enemies, skin corpses, set traps, buff friends, and use precision strikes with their archery skills to kill.
  • Bombardier - Explosives and chemistry are the primary skills of the Bombardier. They unleash devastating attacks and debuffs upon their foes with their expertise in these elements.