Some of your Questions:

Q. Why are you building Eternal Tombs?

Our team at Triune Studios is composed of passionate, hardcore, MMORPG players; to say that we are dissatisfied with the current trend within the industry would be to say the least. We absolutely LOATHE the direction that other companies have taken; gatekeeping content behind insufferable levels of microtransactions and additional fees. At Triune we envision and wish to create a better product with no barriers, a product that is open from the beginning to all players that wish to explore and discover the depths and secrets of a new world. It was to that end that we started building Eternal Tombs, the desire to make a game that focuses on content and not on milking the player’s wallet.

Q. What flavor of MMORPG are you designing?

Eternal Tombs is designed as a sandbox. We believe in providing a land filled with wonder; a world of secrets, hidden knowledge, long buried lore and long-lost treasure. Something our community can build upon. A dangerous place for players to inhabit, alongside our dedicated Tomb Masters. We want to craft a place players can turn into a living and breathing world together. Something dynamic!

Q. What sort of classes can I play in Eternal Tombs?

For launch we have designed 6 classes and each class is bolstered in game by a variety of mechanics such as crafting, discoverable and trainable skills, and acquired treasure to mention but a few methods. We wanted to step away from the usual archetypes found in RPG games, to offer something truly unique. We want our players to surprise us with how they choose to approach the challenges that Mithir offers.

Q. Is there a planned end game for Eternal Tombs?

The end game for Eternal Tombs is one of our highest priorities. We are planning to launch with 19 end game raids available. A strong start to be continuously improved upon. We want to achieve a diversity of content that will keep our players engaged, enthralled, and above all, entertained.

Q. What stage of development is Eternal Tombs in currently?

Eternal Tombs is in the pre-alpha stage of development. Thirty areas and a myriad of mechanics are being put to the test and we strive to keep the community informed of our progress. You should keep an eye on our News and Steam for further developments and closed tests!

Q. Closed tests are already being conducted for the game?

Absolutely! You need a community to improve a community driven game. Our goal is to consistently engage with the player base while testing systems. Our discord is a great way to provide suggestions while connecting with other people who are passionate about the game as it is being developed. We are watching, listening, and making constant improvements based on your feedback. You can wish list on Steam and register on our website here.

Q. How much will it cost to get into these early tests? Can I buy into early access or pre-purchase the game?

Eternal Tombs is funded to completion, as such it will cost our players NOTHING to get into our closed tests! Keeping with our values at Triune we don’t believe the community should pay to improve the product they want to play. While a pre-purchase may be possible nearer to launch it will not be a gate barring content.

Q. What sort of payment model will Eternal Tombs have?

A single box price will provide access to the entire game, start to finish, all content available. We will only be charging an extra subscription fee to those dedicated players that wish to create multiple characters and we will be in discussion with the community to discern an acceptable price point for that ability.

Q. Is there an expected release date for Eternal Tombs?

We currently expect an early 2025 release date, but we don’t want to jump the gun! Far too many studios are pushing out half-baked products and that’s not the vision at Triune. An official launch date will only be given when we feel the product release is worthy of our players.

Q. What platforms will Eternal Tombs be available on?

We are currently developing Eternal Tombs for a PC launch. Our focus is on delivering the best possible service on one platform. We would love to expand availability however we feel it is important to refine our service on a single platform for now. For now..

Q. How can I support the development process without a pre-purchase?

The best way to support Triune and Eternal Tombs is to sign up for tests, join our discord, share with friends, post on social media, and stream if you can! As a community member the best thing you can do is help us build that community! If you enjoy Eternal Tombs then spread the word!

Q. Will there be a real money store, or micro-transactions, for in-game items?

No. Never.