Some of your Questions:

Q.When will the game release?

When it's done, but we're expecting an early 2025 release.

Q. How much will it cost?

Eternal Tombs will be a box price with an optional subscription. Subscriptions will be for those who have 2 or more characters.

Q. Can I buy in-game items with real money?

No. Eternal Tombs is a microtransaction-free game. Cosmetics and pay-to-win items are NOT available by purchase. All gear, experience, cosmetics, and gameplay items are earned through in-game efforts and solely through those means.

Q. Do you have a kickstarter?

Eternal Tombs is privately funded 100% to completion. There is no kickstarter or crowd funding for the game.

Q. How can I support the game while it's in development?

Please sign-up, talk about the game, share it with your friends, post it to your social media, stream it when you get to play. We need your help to get the word out on the game. PLEASE.

Q. Is it only on PC?

It is only on PC. For now.....

Q. Where can I purchase the game?

Steam. See the link here.

Q. How many classes?

There will be 6 classes to pick from in the game. Crafting, skills, and acquired loot will allow you to play a hybrid variant of each class.

Q. Is the game a Sandbox or Themepark style MMO?

Eternal Tombs is a Sandbox style MMORPG.

Q. Do you have an end game?

We will launch with approximately 19 end-game raids on day one. It is a huge priority for us to launch with a strong end-game. You need end-game content, we will have it.