In Eternal Tombs your ability to further customize your character, craft, gain skills, understand lore, explore magic, learn about enemy weaknesses and much much more is based on your academic and artisanal studies. Dive deep into the underworld of research in the land of Mithir. Find tomes, explore ancient libraries, do deep research on past mysteries, gain skills from trainers, quest for hidden secrets and more to unlock tons of different professions, skills and abilities.

Want to become an expert in hunting the undead? Gain the salt throwing ability by studying about the different types of minerals that adhere to and scorch undead skin. Or learn to boil their blood by slicing into their innards with a specially crafted coating on your blade.

Want to study the darkened elements of magic to embed into your armor? Acquire multiple magical studies tomes to dive deep into the secrets of magic and use its benefits in ways that don't harm your soul.

Become an expert Armorsmith by studying under a master Metalforger to acquire skills and abilities to forge only the best quality protection.

Throughout the world, you must explore, fight, harvest, and research to become the type of player you want to further attune your character. There are a vast number of professions, skills, abilities and more to study and acquire.