Eternal Tombs (previously known as War of Dragnorox) is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) that is run by live Tomb Masters. Tomb Masters are staff members who shape the player experience by running events and changing the world, giving players a unique experience as they adventure alongside thousands of other players. In addition to the unique Dungeon Master system, Eternal Tombs is a fully-featured sandbox MMORPG where players will make their mark on the world by running their own shop, unlocking new areas to explore, killing thousands of different monster types, defending castles from sieges, conducting war operations, crafting unique items, engaging in ranked opt-in PvP, or raiding deep inside dungeons.

Eternal Tombs is also a microtransaction-free game. All gear, experience, cosmetics and gameplay items are earned through in-game efforts and solely through those means giving players a true sense of accomplishment and achievement.

Gameplay Trailer & Game Overview

Eternal Tombs is an action combat style MMORPG and will launch with around 30 zones with different biomes, dungeons, secrets, unlockable zones, hidden passages, traps, treasure and more. Our passion is to introduce a truly dangerous world where exploration and traveling can be difficult but highly rewarding.

World Map