November Update

Hey Everyone!

We just wanted to send out a quick update as we've been working in the trenches over the last month or so on various things including a few new zones along with character gear buildout. We anticipate building out gear will take at least a few more months as we've got thousands of items to create. We're excited for you to explore our world and obtain and craft gear. In WoD, equipment matters A LOT and we've got a significant number of items and ways to obtain your gear. Our robust crafting system, combined with so many raid mobs, secrets, one-time droppables, event prizes and so much more, you'll never lack for ways to discover new useful gear. 

We also sat down this month with the Elitist Jerks to chat about WoD. Check out their podcast below to learn more about the game.


Josh Caba, Creative Director, sits down with the Elitist Jerks to discuss WoD
Thank you for your time and as always, we continue to march toward alpha and appreciate all your support.  

- Josh
Creative Director, War of Dragnorox