July Update

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to the update for July! 

Lots going on this month! Especially on multiple core gameplay elements and systems. Regarding the combat questions that we've been trying to figure out over the last couple months, we've re-worked some systems and feel we have a pretty strong updated combat system. As many of you expressed, you love tab targeted style combat and so do we. We've decided to keep the tab targeted combat system, but with some updates and overhauls to how combat works. I believe we have plans for the best tab targeted combat system ever made and we'll update you in the coming months with videos and information. 

As we've been building out the world, we also have been spending time building out porting, mining/foraging, doors and keys, secret teleports, and much more. In addition, we've re-designed our death system and have the code built out for that and resurrections. War of Dragnorox will be a brutal, but fair game in regards to death. More to come soon!

Over the next couple weeks we plan to finish out the rest of the initial world build and subsequently dive into building out character gear, stats and wrapping up combat/AI. That being said, soon we'll be entering a phase where we need to start doing more marketing. As we switch to this phase, we'll have more events, showcases, videos, etc... So we'll start revealing the world more and more as we go down this path and we plan to do more weekly and bi-weekly updates. So stay tuned!

As always, feel free to jump on our discord channel and provide feedback as you see fit. We love to hear from you all! 

- Josh
Creative Director, War of Dragnorox