February Update

Hey Everyone!

What an incredibly busy month for us here at Triune Studios. Every month we're getting closer and closer to a game that is in an alpha state. Over the next few months we'll be testing a few things including raids and other events, so be on the lookout for invites when those come through. In the meantime, make sure you check out the great information below including our visit to the Rewind Podcast where we talk about War of Dragnorox and hint at a ton of great information. 

Event Feature - Sieges

As many of you know, War of Dragnorox is packed with different events including Sieges! More information will be coming regarding sieges including the opportunity to help us test them in their alpha state. Checkout the screenshots from our pre-alpha test below for a sneak preview of sieges! 

The Rewind Podcast

Josh Caba, our Creative Director joined the Rewind Podcast to discuss the vision behind War of Dragnorox, Dungeon Mastering Information, Class updates and the vision behind the game. Don't miss it here. 


Class & Combat Update

For those of you that listened to the Rewind Podcast above, you know that I took over class design and have been working hard on locking those in. We already had several base classes and a couple with abilities built out, but I wanted to take a step back and make sure we were building a cohesive, character-based roleplaying system that also has some very unique traits and classes. I also wanted to take the time to make sure the abilities/talents are a reflection of what we’re trying to accomplish with the game as a whole, and also tie into the roleplaying elements and lore of your character in a way that is immersive and exploratory.

We're bumping up the class progress level because we’re now set on those classes, subclasses, and specs and how characters and abilities will be affected by them. Now that we’ve done that, we’re finishing individual class/ability builds and starting in on concept art that we can release with class reveals.

I’m really quite excited about this system and what it will look like for players. I mentioned in our Discord that I didn’t want to build an ability or talent system that needed to be balanced in a way that most modern MMOs do and I think that we’ve accomplished a means to do that.

As far as actually revealing information about the classes for this newsletter, I’m still deciding which classes will be launched at release so I can’t say the total amount of classes available during beta. I made extra class concepts that may or may not be used later on. However, I can say that there will be two subclasses for each base class, and three specializations for each subclass. A player will be locked into a subclass. Some subclasses will have similar feels to their counterpart, some will be near opposites. Specializations won’t exist in a traditional or even conventional way. Much like with the rest of War of Dragnorox, we won’t be giving you an easy access menu or the ability to change these at any time from said menu. The specializations will need to be explored in-game, without a talent menu, searched out, fought for, and generally well-earned. 

I look forward to revealing more details of individual classes!
- Brett
Combat & Class Design Lead