January Update

Wow, what a whirlwind of a month. Thank you all for your support and help during this crazy time. As many of you know, we announced War of Dragnorox just a couple weeks ago. We were covered by IGN, MMORPG.com, MMOBomb, KiraTV, NathanNapalm, ChoopChoop, Moofburger and many others. We really appreciate all the great coverage and can't wait to continue to show you what we've been building.

In the coming months, we have many different things to show off. Each month going forward we plan to update you with our newsletter to give you updates to what we've been building and showcasing more gameplay and information. Many of you have a lot of questions about our Dungeon Master System, and we will have a very large update in the coming months showing what we have built and how it will add exciting new features and functionality that you've never experienced before in an MMORPG. We've completely finished the prototype for the entire system and all the technical hurdles have been eliminated. The result is incredibly fun gameplay and we cannot wait to demo it to you all.

We Need Your Help

Over the last 5 years War of Dragnorox has been in stealth mode for development. Instead of marketing, crowd sourcing, talking about what we'll build, etc…. we've just been building our game instead. In fact, I believe we'll beat some of the bigger names MMO's that you've been following for years to launch, but that's because we've been spending our time building instead of marketing. That being said, we're behind the curve and we need your help. We need you to share our game with your friends, tell your guild, talk about our game in your favorite YouTube channels, post comments, join our social media, etc.... Whatever you can do to help us out, would be so appreciated.

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Game Progress Update

In order to be completely transparent, we've created a new page on our website for game progress. Every month or so, we'll update this page with the progress that's been made. Checkout the page here for more information on where we are at within the build.

See Game Progress

Gear Feature - Harbinger of the Fallen

Deep within his Lair, En'Diras has hidden away many different secrets, treasure and incredibly powerful unnatural creations of his making. One rumored item is the Harbinger of the Fallen. This great hammer was once a powerful gift to the Kingdom of Morthstone. In his thirst for evil, En'Diras stole the hammer along with the King's head and has secretly kept the hammer hidden for many years. It's believed to be guarded by the foulest and most twisted of his minions deep within his lair.

Crafting Feature - Black Veritite Mushrooms

These controversial ingredients have been caused quite a stir within the Magical and Enchantments Review Council. While not containing magic themselves or being inherently used in the purposes of dark magic, Black Veritite Mushrooms provide an incredibly strong enhancement to many crafted magical items including several very powerful illegal items. Their use in the crafting of these outlawed recipes makes them very restricted in their use and highly regulated. Fortunately, they are quite difficult to obtain since they are rare and typically located in the dangerous swampland regions of Morgath.