May Update

Hey Everyone!

A huge amount of work and changes has been done over the last month since our first test. We're adding/updating/deleting/revamping and continuing polish as we prepare for the next test. We can't wait to get you into Mithir again here soon. 

When will the next test be? We're not 100% sure at this point, but we're pushing incredibly hard to get it ready to go. Our goal is to get to bi-weekly testing sessions, however after the first test, we realized there's a LOT that needs to be updated to ensure that we are hitting the mark before we can start doing tests that frequently. We've already updated a LOT, but there's still quite a bit left. In addition to fixes/updates, we're also including three new zones in the next testing session:

  • Tombs of Ashura
  • Northmir
  • The Oasis of Kir

These zones are built for levels in the 10-20 range. So there'll be lots of new things to do for those of you who leveled quite quickly in the first test.

Stay tuned for further updates and don't forget to Wishlist us on Steam! It helps us out a ton. 

- Josh
(Creative Director)