December Update

Merry Christmas from Triune Studios!

We continue to push forward with major progress each month and the last month has been no exception to that as we have made major strides in getting you into our world.

As you know, in Eternal Tombs, you cannot summon magic from within yourself. However, there are magical items all throughout Mithir that allow you to harness their abilities and powers to help you. I'm happy to say that we've completed our entire magic build and look forward to sharing more with you as we continue progressing forward. 

As I've mentioned before, our goal is to get you into the world as soon as possible and we are striving so hard to make that happen. We want to give you a fully authentic experience as you jump into Mithir and start exploring. We've already run several small tests including a public raid test that you can view here and we plan on running many more public tests in 2024. 

This year has been an incredible year for progress in the development of Eternal Tombs and 2024 will be the year where we start to wrap things up for a 2025 launch. Development for Eternal Tombs started about 6 years ago and it's been quite a huge effort to get here, but we're in our polish stage and we cannot wait to show you some of the surprises and development we've done over the last 6 years to get to this point. There's so much to see and we've hardly shown off any of what we've built. We know you're going to love exploring the world of Mithir, so stay tuned and be ready to start testing as we jump into 2024. 

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Years! Thank you all for the great support. 

- Creative Director