November Update and Major Progress

Hello Everyone!

We've made some major progress this month. We're pushing hard and continue to make significant updates and polishes to Eternal Tombs. Our goal is to get as many of you in there as soon as possible, but we're still at least a couple months away from that possibility as we want a polished experience for you to enjoy as you first step into the world of Mithir. Our goal is to have nine of the starting/lower level zones available for people to experience in our first public demo. If you haven't done so already, please jump in and add us to your Steam Wishlist here. The more wishlists we have, the better exposure our game will get when its time to allow everyone into the demo. In the meantime, we've created a quick low level pig hunt video that takes place in the starting zone of Southmir. This is just a quick preview of low-level combat as you jump into the world. 

As we progress over the coming months and prepare to get you into the world, we're pushing hard on multiple fronts including quests, professions, scholastics, combat, gear, crafting, harvesting components, zone polishes and much more. We look forward to continuing to update you as we build out the world of Mithir and we cannot wait for you to get into the game as soon as possible. Thank you for sharing and talking about Eternal Tombs. Our world is really starting to come together with all the right pieces and we know both older and newer MMORPG players are going to LOVE the game. 

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy a great upcoming Christmas season!

- Creative Director