June Update

Hey Everyone,

Hope everyone is having a great spring and good start to the summer!

I just wanted to provide a quick update on a few things as we continue to build out WoD. As you know we've been pretty quiet and that is because we are making significant progress toward launching our beta. We still have quite a ways to go, but we're making such great strides in every area of the game. Do not mistake our lack of communication over the last few months and in the coming months as lack of progress, but rather as a sign that our energy, effort and sweat is going into building WoD. Over the last few months we have built out and progressed in the following areas:

  • Two Fully Completed Dungeon Builds
  • Built out our entire leveling process
  • Fixing bugs with looting corpse issues
  • Built out the entire inventory system and crafting components
  • Built out our server infrastructure and queue system for entering the game and hosting the game across multiple servers and regions.
  • Completed all functionality related to armor display and stats. 
  • Fixed issues with trade
  • Built out our "Operation" prototype. More to come about this in the future. 
  • Finished deploying our DM system to internal systems. 

Anyway, as you can see we're making great progress and again, when the time is right, we're really excited to show everything off. We're still relatively unknown and that's ok for the moment. We know that when the time comes, we think we'll shock people with some of the unique systems and gameplay we've built. Thank you to everyone who has talked about us with your friends, streamers and people who you game with. Every little bit help us progress forward. 

In the meantime, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to jump into our discord. We try to communicate as much as possible along the way. 

Thank you everyone!

- Josh Caba
Creative Director