Important Game Status Updates

Hey Everyone,

Hope you have all had a great month! 

I cannot write into words how excited I am with eventually showing off what we've been building. We've gone through a full revamp of our combat and it's BY FAR the best system we could have imagined. When we took on the premise of "magic is evil" we didn't have a total vision of where we were going with that, but we knew it'd be incredibly unique and different. Years later, that vision has come full circle as we're wrapping up our class build and combat design. It's unquestionably the most unique and exciting system we could have ever imagined. Instead of magic healing clerics, we have Bonestitchers who harvest organs from the dead to perform surgeries on other players. Instead of druids summoning powers, we have Chloromancers who grow fungi on their enemies to rot their bones away. I am dying to show it off, but we need to wait for the proper time. It's nothing like anything you've played and also it's fast-paced, hard and still requires great skill and planning. It's turned out better than we could have imagined. 

In addition to this, our DM system is just really shaping up to make WoD the greatest game possible. The amount of events, challenges, and secrets is going to keep people on the edge of their seat and wanting to constantly login. In a world with cheap daily quests or login rewards, this is the absolute opposite and is just pure fun and excitement. We KNOW you'll love it. 

That being said, in order to get the game to a place where we can show you all of it along with the many other systems, we need time to focus on doing that. Over the next little while we need to push really hard to get through some core systems and fixes. This means that all of our energy is being put toward finishing War of Dragnorox to get the game to a state where it is alpha playable. Not shockingly, when building an MMORPG there are so many different systems in place that require tons of design, development and then optimization it's truly overwhelming at times. It's such a tremendous undertaking and we're SO SO close to wrapping up multiple core areas of the game. So we're planning on holding off on big announcements or marketing until sometime around August or September. At that point, we're going to release a handful of marketing videos and game reveal information and start pushing our marketing more. You'll get many questions answered at that point as we start to open up the gates of information. We planned on doing this earlier, but decided that our efforts are best focused 100% on building the best game possible until the time is right. Many other games are great at marketing. We're great at actually building a game. So we're going to double down on our strengths until the proper time. We'll be available in discord for chatting or to answer your questions, but you won't see monthly updates like we've been doing for the last year. 

We look forward to showing you something incredible very soon. 

- Josh Caba
Creative Director