January Update

Hey Everyone,

Another month is down and in the books. Lot's of work going on as we continue to build out classes and world areas. In the screenshot above, you can take a look at the zone of Southmir. Southmir is a newbie starting area right outside the town of Tradeport where you will experience plenty of small level monsters and tons of DM events as you explore. 

As we continue down the road of development, you'll notice that we're going to start polishing and preparing for a time when we can start to let people into the world. We're still quite a ways off from opening it up to tests outside of our small groups, but we are pushing hard toward development. We've also updated our website and FAQ page. Continue to look back for more updates soon enough!

We're also finally ready to share our final class list with everyone! In the coming months, video previews will demonstrate the classes and their abilities. Each class also contains subclass areas of expertise where you can gain further specialization and focused skills. These classes are incredibly unique and each one has so many interesting abilities and we're VERY excited to share more with you as we progress. 


Focused on nature and using both fungus and plants to manipulate the world and kill enemies, heal others, provide mana and create portals to other locations. 


Whether it's tricking creatures into killing each other or calling upon the shadows of the world to drain life from the enemy, manipulators twist and deceive all those who they seek to destroy.  


Focused on experimentation with components in the world to create explosives, poisonous liquids and gasses, the bombardier uses intelligence to craft the most deadly concoctions. 


Using bows, traps, speed and other sly techniques, the Ranger is called to hunt down all enemies within Morgath to bring them the gift of death. 


Hardcore DPS and tanking is the role of the warrior. Battle cries, taunts, slams, and strength encompass the role of warriors and they feast on the flesh of the monsters of Morgath.  


Empathy and Wisdom help the Bonestitchers keep their allies alive and bring back to life those that have fallen asleep.   

Stay tuned We'll have plenty more to share in the coming months!

- Josh Caba
Creative Director